As creative director of Iwan Tirta Private Collection, Era Soekamto carries the late maestro’s legacy to the modern age. She was named as a successor in 2012, lending her years of experience to the brand’s mission in not only preserving the value of batik, but also making it relevant to the current times.

Era’s achievements in the fashion world are inimitable. Aside from the various fashion competitions she has won at a very young age since graduatingfrom Raffles Fashion College in Singapore, she is well known for her eponymous ready-to-wear fashion line. She is also a member of Indonesia Fashion Designers Council (IPMI) and was part of an expert team to preserve Tenun Baduy with Cita Tenun Indonesia.

Her valuable insights have made Era a perfect fit to bring new innovations and ideas at Iwan Tirta Private Collection. Inheriting more than 10,000 original batik motifs by Iwan Tirta, she creates new collections with an equal mix of reverence and experimentalism, all while staying true to the traditional batik-making techniques.

Through her works, Era deeply values Iwan Tirta’s perspective on batik. “It is a huge task to continue his great passion,” she said. “It is a big responsibility to preserve and bring further the essence of this important Indonesian culture and identity in creating the artistic products that can be well received in the international market, modern, up-to-date, and following the latest trend.”

Her annual collections for Iwan Tirta Private Collection aptly reflect those values. From the contemporary men’s collections to the sumptuous women’s fashion shows, her designs deftly balance the centuries-old tradition with a forward-looking vision that will keep Iwan Tirta’s legacy alive for the future generations.