The Sacred Art of Swatantra

In the days of the Ancient Mataram, one of the biggest kingdoms in Nusantara, Swatantra is a symbol of independence through the master plan of sacred buildings made in their period. It is a reminiscence of a connection between human, nature, and God that creates sustainability, strength and wisdom.

This collaboration is continuing the legacy of Iwan Tirta, we preserve a good deed of the maestro in delivering the sacred art through modern medium.

Kawung Cakra Ningrat

Kawung Cakra Ningrat is another form of the flower of life and sacred geometry, the interpretation of light upon light. It was the most ancient motive in any civilization in the world also a lot seen in sacred building in Nusantara. In Nusantara, the sacred geometry called "Kawung" is a symbol of a wise king. The four sections, together with the core symbolize the five main directions in Buddhism. For this Niro Granite's special edition, the sacred "Kawung" blends with "Cakra" or flower with 8 (eight) petals as a symbol of good energy, wisdom and eternity.

Mandala Cakra Ningrat

"Mandala" found in many reliefs. In Sanskrit, "Mandala" means circle or in spiritual meaning, "Mandala" is a symbol of the connection between microcosm and marcocosm.

Kupu Kawung

A geometric pattern that features dissected palm fruit or "Kawung". The four sections, together with the core symbolize the five main directions in Buddhism. "Kawung" as the flower of life combine with butterflies is the reminder of a beauty in the life process. Every process creates not only beauty, but also wisdom.

Sawunggaling Tarung

"Sawunggaling" is a Javanese King's regalia that combines the characteristic of the rooster and peacock which bring the philosophy of soft power that leaders should portray. In this collection the great "Sawunggaling" featured as pair doing battle or "Tarung". Indeed to have victory we need to show wisdom and love.

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