Iwan Tirta Private Collection stands with a mission to preserve Iwan Tirta’s legacy and introduce innovative designs to modern-minded batik admirers.

Originally set up by Iwan Tirta himself to manage his private batik, ceramic, and art collections, the brand now creates premium contemporary pieces based on the original royal patterns and more than 10,000 innovative batik designs inherited 
from the maestro.

Every single batik cloth is arduously hand-made by experienced artisans who, in keeping with the high-standard tradition, could spend several months up to a year to finish a piece. By using luxurious materials such as superfine cotton and silk, organza, and linen, each batik fabric stands out as a unique work of art—the epitome of Indonesian textile heritage and craftsmanship.

Iwan Tirta Private Collection translates these sumptuous batik fabrics into authentic and contemporary pieces for those who appreciate the high values of workmanship and design. New collections are presented annually and consist of an array of creations, such as clothing for men and women—ranging from formal shirts to evening gowns—scarves, home accessories, and other renditions of batik to cater to the modern lifestyle.

The first flagship gallery of Iwan Tirta Private Collection—located in Plaza Indonesia—was inaugurated by Iwan Tirta himself. Over the years, the brand’s presence has been expanded into ten well-appointed galleries catering to loyal and new customers alike.Through Iwan Tirta Private Collection, the timeless spirit of Iwan Tirta along with his storied batik legacy and traditions will continue its relevance for decades to come.