As the first annual collection after the maestro’s passing in 2010, DEWARAJA celebrates Iwan Tirta’s singular way of thinking and contributions in preserving the heritage of batik. For this collection, creative director Era Soekamto looks outside the mainstream batik motifs that we often see and instead takes inspiration from the ancient motifs, which focus on the documentation of the history of Nusantaras as meticulously done by the maestro. Named after the sacred concept of a king who achieved a god-like spiritual state-of-mind, this collection is divided into three sequences that portray such journey. Through each batik motif, DEWARAJA reflects Iwan Tirta’s deep-rooted appreciation of the golden age of Nusantara and makes this legacy relevant for the modern times.

Dualism – Samsara Nirvana

Evocative of the dualism existing in life, this sequence takes reference from Balinese batik motifs that are rooted from the Majapahit kingdom. Each of them is dominated with black and white shades, representing the dual concepts of samsara and nirvana.

Reflection – Siwaratri Kalpa

This sequence is named after the sacred Hindu chanting of Siwaratri Kalpa that represents self-reflection in order to become a better leader. This concept is portrayed through a new take on Iwan Tirta’s signature mirroring motifs, which are inspired by Majapahit motifs found in the Sultanate of Cirebon and rendered in terracotta tones.

Light upon Light – Antahkarana 

Illustrating the philosophy of achieving the highest spiritual mind by finding the light in oneself to be a reliable leader, this sequence features designs inspired by Kumudowati and Polengan motifs. The color scheme is dominated by polengan shades of black, gold, and silver that epitomize a yin-and-yang balance.