Catur Sagotro is a cultural movement to unite each elements of how kingdoms of Java were established, delivering the rich values of a culture which
were based from the solid intimacy with the Creator. Iwan Tirta, through his living years, had been faithfully brought all those symbols of the rich values
engraved in his masterpieces, to pass on through all generations to inherit and treasure.

Nagari Agung Mataram
The most ancient design, Jlamprang, inspired by the journey of Panembahan Senapati through the Batavia shores and the Islam movement
in the early days when Persian merchants is entering the commerce life of Indonesia.

Awisaning Ratu
Is known as the "Three-Nation-Batik" collaborating technique as Portugese and Dutch were highlighting the lifestyle during the prime years of
the reigning Sultan Agung of Mataram kingdom

Babad Tanah Jawi
A soulful collaboration of the life of four great kingdoms: Hamengkubuwono, Pakualaman, Mangkunegaran, and Pakubuwono, presenting
the rich philosophy of Javanese culture, dominantly integrated into the very life of early Nusantara.