MAHAYANA – Spring/Summer 2016


The philosophy of "Mahayana" narrates about spiritual journey of individual to reach full consciousness. This “Mahayana” collection depictures, the journey of Sailendra dynasty from Srivijaya in Sumatera to Sanjaya dynasty in Java. In the course of its history, "Mahayana" spread throughout East Asia, however the teachings of "Mahayana" are believed to come from India.

This Iwan Tirta Private Collection for Spring/Summer 2016 consists of several motifs; Songket Jambi, Simbar Kendo, Modang, to an India inspirations, Mandala. Those motifs are all neatly stored in the library work of the Maestro Iwan Tirta. Detailed ink prada falsifies the beauty of batik motifs, as well as reinforce the hallmark of Iwan Tirta’s batik. Era Soekamto as Creative Director of Iwan Tirta Private Collection, bring out the motifs in a variety of colors of red, blue, green, and black classic by reusing the material of silk organza formerly quite often used by Iwan Tirta. "Mahayana" comes in a selection of cocktail dress to evening gowns in simple patterns graceful collection of women's clothing, while for a menswear collection is dominated by modern pattern fit shirt and jacket.

The entire collection of Iwan Tirta Private Collection Spring / Summer 2016, "Mahayana" exclusive available at Iwan Tirta Private Collection flagship gallery at Galeria Grand Hyatt - Plaza Indonesia level 3 and