Revealing the ancient Nitik, known as one of the very first batik patterns which has been preserved by the maestro Iwan Tirta.

Believed to be the oldest batik motif, Nitik or Jlamprang is the motif is adapted from Patola India. Known as the motive Nitik consists of a collection of dots that requires patience and persistence outstanding during the manufacturing process.
Inspired by the SWATANTRA philosophy which teaches the concept of independence of a dynasty, and implies that if there is a close rapport between man, nature and God, the continuity, strength and wisdom will be achieved. Thus the message to be conveyed through a series of collections of self-administration are divided into two sequences.
In the first sequence, the motive Nitik or Jlamprang in geometric patterns present in the composition of two colors; blue-white, red-white, black-and-white. As for the second sequence, a collection in shades of white sogan mas classic in a choice of motifs typical of Iwan Tirta. Simple motif implemented into the design of men's wear such as suits and shirts were firm and represents the character #leadersweariwantirta.