Iwan Tirta Private Collection presents the harmonious story of humanious story of human and the universe in Condrosengkolo. Condrosengkolo is a Javanese traditional time configuration based on the moon rotation, which can also be found in other cultures in Indonesia. Condrosengkolo is a symbol of numbers that represents the year. Believed as the character of the year, these symbols are used to manage the time frame and the activities for making the best products,ensuring that these activities would find harmonious balance with the universe.

The runway collection of Condrosengkolo puts the philosophies of the symbolized numbers and life elements into harmonious ancient batik patterns which was preserved by the maestro, Iwan Tirta. These symbols and elements are grouped into four elements ofthe universe that inspired the four sequences of the collection: Akasa (space)Dahana - Tirta (fire - water), Bawono (earth) and Maruta (air).

- space

Pattern in Akasa, are inspired by infinite space. Its endlessness suggest a beginning, as well as an end. Its broadness defines greatness of infinite knowledge and spirit ofrevival, while reminding us how small we are in this universe.

Dahana Tirta
-fire & water

The cool character of water in Dahana Tirta sequence inspires the beholder to a calm, peaceful, and loving person. As water often represents washing of things, this element invites humans to open their hearts and refresh their minds, releasing peace and forgiveness to the universe. The fire element passionately burns our spirit in enlightenment. It represents creativity, motivation, and compulsion. Dahana is usually worn by those who are passionate and carry a warm heart. As fire burns, it releases bold and courageous personality.


Representing the meaning of planet earth, Bawono illustrates a strong yet soft-spoken leadership character. Its humble and stable character comes with a peaceful and fait trait. The earth is dependable-its inhabitants would give back all their efforts to return what has been given to them. By placing ourselves back to our roots, our heartscontinue to seek for the light.


Maruta brings the light to us. The are faithfully filled our infinite space since the beginning of time. It draws the hearts of leaders to their people. This element connects one being to another, while always providing us a chance to see the light.