Starting 2020, Iwan Tirta Private Collection presents a series of Spring / Summer collections entitled "SOKO TUNGGAL" and launched to coincide with the Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2020 event. The theme "SOKO TUNGGAL" was inspired by the archipelago philosophy, namely, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which teaches the concept of unifying elements. -diverse elements and make it a unified whole.

Consisting of 24 ready-to-wear women's clothing looks, "SOKO TUNGGAL" will be divided into 3 sequences, each of which will feature batik motifs that represent diversity in the archipelago. The “SOKO TUNGGAL” collection is presented in the use of silk satin, silk twill, and woven silk which gives a light impression in a composition of various bright colors that complement the cheerful impression of a cheerful spring. The presentation of "SOKO TUNGGAL" was also supported by Optik Seis with his eyewear collection and Dr. Martens for the shoe collection as a complement to the overall look of "SOKO TUNGGAL".

The first sequence “SOKO TUNGGAL” features a variety of batik decorations inspired by the early kingdoms of the archipelago such as Majapahit and Singosari, which are synonymous with Hindu-Buddhist cultural influences, such as: Garudeya, Mandala, and Balinese flowers in shades of blue, green, turquoise. . Meanwhile, in the second sequence, "SOKO TUNGGAL" is presented in a soft cream color palette featuring a variety of decorative batik inspired by Persian, Arabic and Chinese as a symbol of the entry of trade and Islamic culture into the archipelago. Closing the fashion presentation "SOKO TUNGGAL", the third sequence will present a variety of decorative batik motifs that adapt European compositions such as baroque and victorian in shades of burgundy and gray.
The “SOKO TUNGGAL” collection is available in several outer options, cocktail dresses, to long dresses that are easy to mix and match for various events. The entire collection of Iwan Tirta Private Collection, "SOKO TUNGGAL" can be viewed in full through and Iwan Tirta Private Collection flagship gallery at Galeria Grand Hyatt - Plaza Indonesia 3rd floor.