Regalia Large Decorative Box

IDR 5,000,000


Inspired by the philosophy of "Tri Hita Karana", which means the htree causes of well being. The three causes are: harmony among people, harmony with the environment, and harmony with God. This philosophy is very much part of the Nusantara value system. In the space of architecture reflected in the three tier roofs are common in many Indonesian traditional structures.

The Top: Parahyangan

Parahyangan, represents the harmony with God. Megamendung pattern take the shape of layers of clouds. It is a pattern originated from Cirebon, which is influenced by the Chinese culture. It symbolizes the upper-world of God.

Beautifully crafted in engineered wood, this decorative box wrapped in solid black lacquaer and accentuated in brass element makes this box a lustrous addition to your distinguished foyer or living room.

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